collapsible rigid boxes

Collapsible Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes portray elegance, luxury, and achieve an 'A-class' presentation,great as high end packaging solution.The advantage of rigid boxes is that they are not only have strong construction,but also have elegant,upscale and luxurious looking and feeling. But rigid boxes need more space to store and freight to transport.So collapsible rigid boxes have become great alternate to save space and store. Collapsible rigid boxes have the same looking and feeling even strong construction as rigid boxes,collapsible rigid boxes have foldable construction,,those boxes have die cut line at corners to make box flat during storage and transport, Collapsible rigid boxes permit optimize the storage space. You can storage them as a thin layer easy to transport when disassemble. Forget about the sometimes annoying volume of the rigid boxes. The easy and fast way to assemble the box will allow the customer to have it ready to use within a few seconds and keep the inside safe.

These kind of collapsible rigid boxes have unlimited printing possibilities like direct colors or CMYK that provide a very high. Choose between our many options to create those quality touches such as lamination gloss or matt, hot stamping, UV varnish, and embossed paper with textures. Moreover you can add magnets or ribbons as a closing system that increases the safety.

As custom made boxes manufacturer,Gift Boxes Mart specialize in manufacturing quality collapsible rigid boxes,collapsible retail boxes,collapsible rigid gift boxes,collapsible magnetic boxes, great as cosmetic boxes,shoe boxes,apparel boxes,gift boxes and more ends.We can print,hot stamp,emboss,deboss you logo on collapsible rigid boxes,short run is available.

At Gift Boxes Mart,we manufacture collapsible rigid boxes coming in below specification

  •  Material: we use heavyweight paper board to build box for strong construction for quality and sturdy looking
  • Wrapped Paper: all boxes are covered paper board by different paper including art paper,kraft paper,recycled kraft paper,special paper,foil paper
  •  Printing & Finishes: offset printing for logo and image,hot stamping,embossing,debossed,spot uv vanish are available in printing and highlight logo on collapsible rigid boxes.
  • Size: all boxes are customized coming in any size
  •  Quantity: short run is available!

Custom Made Collapsible Rigid Boxes

collapsible rigid boxes

5.1 Custom Made Collapsible Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo. This box is made of 1200g paper board, covered by art paper with matt lamination,two colors printing for custom logo on box,100% ink coverage,hinged lid with magnetic closure,folding at walls to make boxes flat and assemble into rigid box easily when use.

collapsible rigid kraft boxes

5.2 Collapsible Rigid Kraft Box With Printed Logo From Gift Boxes Mart. This box is made of recycled heavyweight paper board,covered by kraft paper to build strong,recyclable construction,logo printing on top of box,folded at corners to make box flat,easy to assemble into rigid box when use,hinged lid with magnetic closure.

5.3 Ribbon Closure Collapsible Rigid Boxes With Printed Logo.This box is made of strong paper board,covered by art paper with matt lamination,foldable construction,with ribbon closure,custom printing for logo on top of boxes

collapsible rigid boxes

5.3 Custom made collapsible rigid boxes, this box is made of heavyweight paper board, and box is wrapped by matt laminated art paper with full color custom printing,flood entire box,box has die cutting lines to fold box into flat easily,with sticker,it is easy to be assemble into strong rigid box quickly. And this box had concealed magnetic as closure on flap lid.

collapsible rigid boxes

5.4 Collapsible rigid boxes with printed logo. This box is made of 1200g paper board--popular weight of paper board to build strong box, and box is wrapped by matt laminated art paper with two pantone colors printing, flood entire box. Box has collapsible construction to make box flat to save space and freight, and it is easy to be assemble into rigid box when use quickly. this collapsible rigid box has Magnetic closure.

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Collapsible rigid boxes have become more and more popular, collapsible rigid boxes can be folded into flat to save space and freight during transport and storage, and with special design, collapsible rigid boxes are easy to assembled into rigid gift boxes quickly.

As collapsible rigid boxes manufacturer, Gift Boxes Mart specialize in manufacturing quality custom made collapsible rigid boxes"

  1. All boxes are made of recycled heavyweight paper board to ensure strong construction.
  2. We offer wide range of wrapped paper to create personalized looking of collapsible rigid boxes
  3. Our experienced team can create art work for customers, print any color on boxes with cheap price
  4. all collapsible rigid boxes at Gift Boxes Mart can be customized coming in any size,
  5. We provide many closure methods to fit on collapsible rigid boxes    Tel:0086 411 86327878  Add: No 1002 GongJi Street,Dalian China 116000